Game of War – Fire Age

What an Awesome Game!

Several free games do exist on iOS where you build a city by bringing resources, building an army and then attacking other people and capturing them. This is what the Game of War: Fire Age is all about. I actually tried and spending some quite time with it, I must say the game is full of fun and experience. I will try and explain how my experience was with the game on iOS version of my mobile phone. This game is whole about a strategy of building a city by using various building facilities, bring resources, training your troops and then leading them to battle with other players across the world.

The main goal of the game is building a city and putting in place defenses using the creativity power i.e. building up an ancient city, lead troops to conquer other surrounding lands and battle for resources. My first tip is that the moment you join the game, join an alliance as soon as you can. Alliances will help protect you from the attacks and speed up your timers for construction and research. You can actually do this till it reaches level six, where you will have access to a free teleport for coordinating attacks.

It also has 24 spaces to allocate various resources acquired. Resources in this game are discovered in three methods like producing high number of food by building 21 farms and have each of them as other three resources. This strategy is very effective and can lead to having large troops. The other strategy is balancing which enables you build 10 farms and four each of the other resources. I found this approach easy to use. Producing low food level is also another strategy that can only be reached by high level players. You will need to follow the recommended quest lists to construct buildings and increase your productivity as well as power. I constructed and upgraded the buildings from the outside city walls to provide me with resources and increase the city’s population. I also created more buildings for different purposes and the city could look complex and unique to shelter itself and increase its productivity.

I enjoyed every part of this game more so when the building progression bar is blue. This is because you can instantly complete a building and start another one. I also did a lot war preparation within the city walls by bringing weapons and training troops and ended forming an army which helped won battles. After training the troops, I marched them to collect resources by occupying the tile. However, you will need to very careful because, if you don’t capture the tile, you will have to defeat the encamped army. I can’t just stop playing the part of attacking the invasive troops and defending my city to become a hero. I also build a prison within the city where I could detain the captured troops. I also enjoy the part of raiding other cities and by taking some of their resources as well as capturing them.

This game has also social features that include a chat screen where you can chat or make comments to other players. They can also be used as alliance sites where you can communicate and interchange resources and items as well as your ranking in terms of game performance. The Game of War: Fire Age on iOS version present refined presentations and diverse gameplay modes. Through this version, it has better graphics that optimized for visualization of the game pictures.

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